And She Wept

In lieu of the recent chemical spill at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, I felt the need to express the pain and disappointment I feel over humanity and it’s complete disregard for our planet.  I don’t typically get political and “causey”, but the spill occurred literally within a mile of where I sit as I type this, and frankly – that is WAY too close to home.

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And She Wept


Cloaked in a wispy gown of grey,

Earth showered us in her sorrow.

Gentle tears falling upon us,

weeping for the death of our home.


In our race for industrial domination,

we pour our intelligence into creating poisons.

Poisons spilling into our waters,

oozing onto our land.


Our only home dies slowly,

nature pays the price.

Plants and animals wither away,

leaving us to stand alone.


Alone on a desolate sphere,

devoid of natural beauty.

Murdered by technology,

death by science.


So she weeps,

watching us destroy ourselves.

She weeps,

as our only home dies.


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