You are the Wind Beneath My… House?

45 mile an hour winds… Doesn’t sound all THAT bad, right???  So, it played havoc with my hair today, and almost blew my co-worker away. It made the office door open and close by itself all day (stupid bell) and maybe a few branches down around work. No biggie..but just as I am leaving to head home I get a picture texted from my kid….


1455925693023.temp (2)

Yes, It is laying on it’s back. Fortunately the tree behind it stopped it from rolling into the ravine, but honestly – I still haven’t found the doors to it.  Ok  I guess I didn’t really want a shed in my backyard. I mean, what was in there that was important…. A dead dryer, old unridden bikes,mostly junk…. Not major, I guess I don’t really need them after all.  Then there is the Christmas tree, a nice tall one that we don’t use anymore because we have birds. (nine to be exact, don’t ask).

I get home and we head out (in the dark) to try to at least tip it back upright and then I hear it. CRUNCH! Oh yeah, Christmas ornaments. Allll over the yard, down the hill, who knows where else. Now, some may not think that its a big deal, but there were ornaments in there from my Grandmother, ornaments my brother and I made as kids, ornaments my kid has made me and the annual munchkins year 1 – year 14 ornaments from her great grandma. I assure you it IS a big deal.

We sealed back up the totes as best we could and tucked them towards to back to protect them until we can got through them tomorrow in the non-windy daylight, but I am stressing over the potential loss. I can call my insurance tomorrow and see if trailer insurance covers shed damage and lost items, but somehow I doubt it will. Even if it does, any of the lost ornaments will be gone forever and I cant replace that.

I can live without a shed, most of that was junk anyway and I am currently without a lawnmower so that’s fine. The lawn furniture will be ok (if I can find all the cushions), but the memories are very important to me and I pray I can find as many as possible tomorrow.

By the way…  Have you ever lived through a Midwestern Wind storm in a trailer?  With a metal roof?? Talk about creepy!!  Anyway, keep your fingers crossed and/or send a few prayers up for me and hopefully I will have no more damage (It’s still very windy) and find as many ornaments as possible tomorrow.


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  1. barojenty says:

    I’m sorry for the lost memories. I do know what you mean, we are down to only five left of the ornaments my husbands great grandmother had given us

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    1. Thanks and I am sorry you lost some as well. At least you have some, hopefully I can salvage some.


      1. barojenty says:

        How did the salvaging go. Did you manage to save anything?

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      2. Better than expected for the ornaments, thanks! Still need to find the cushions for the patio, but my neighbor for the shed doors. Are going to try to put the shed back up tomorrow, I think it’s too bent up but my neighbor has faith. 🙂


  2. I’m sorry 😦 I hope most of the ornaments are okay.

    Yes we has the worst
    Wind where I live. We woke up one morning last year, and it looked like big foot had trampled through our back yard just from wind damage! Crazy

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    1. Thank you! The wind is terrible. Even after we put the shed back, I checked a while ago and it’s completely gone. Poor shed! Hopefully it’s only at the neighbors.


      1. Yikes! That’s crazy.

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