Anime Spanime


I do not understand what the deal is with Anime. My Teenager is OBSESSED with them.  Now, understand, she won’t watch “Cartoons” but she apparently will watch them if they are in a foreign language and have subtitles (anime), but they are still cartoons…   They mostly involve fighting even though she has never liked anything even remotely violent. Now she will literally spend hours staring at these things and has even taken to using the few words she has picked up in random conversation.


She also plays minecraft and all of her friends in there are into the Anime thing, and most of her closer friends in school are addicted as well. In minecraft, players can use resources to create Pixel Art, or 3-D variations of whatever they want. She has several anime characters in her yard and they are HUGE, and she isn’t the only one who does it. I have seen pixel art in several yards when I have gone exploring. These things are usually at least 5 times taller than their houses and occasionally are built suspended in midair over the home because they are too big to fit in the yard.

Anime art

One of the options she has in school this year was Japanese, sadly her grades prohibit her from taking it. Apparently our state feels that one must master their own language before picking up another one(lit grades…not so great). When I was in school Japanese was not an offered language.  We had Spanish, French and German – Das wahr alles…. XD.  I can’t help but wonder if Japanese was added because of the popularity of anime.  I find it odd that the school would cater to something the kids actually like, when we have systems out there trying to dictate what parents wear to drop kids off to school. Maybe it was just a plan to torture the students and it backfired..  it seems more likely.

Another addiction is Manga. I tend to refer to them as backwards picture books, but I am frequently reprimanded for that. These books are reminiscent of the old comics everyone collected, except they start at the back and move forward. They have very few words and many pictures – ie: backwards picture books.  For something with so few words, they are insanely expensive as well, usually between $10 and $15.

Look, I am thrilled when my kid reads – I am a licensed bookworm myself, but what can she possibly be learning from these things? That all Japanese girls have large chests and tiny little short skirts? That all Japanese boys are brooding masters of feigned disinterest? (notice me Senpai!) I just don’t get it…

I try not to judge unless I have tried it at least once myself (within reason), but I fell for that in Minecraft and now I play that stupid game constantly! I fell for it when I disapproved of Supernatural too! (I really like Sam more than Dean, but Castiel is Bae!) So I have a really bad tendency of falling into whatever addiction she has, thus I REFUSE to even try Anime or Manga.


Does that make me a bad mom?  Nah! It just saves my sanity 🙂


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